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Why hello! Welcome to my missionary blog! I'm glad you found it! As most of you well know, I will soon be serving in the Alpine German-Speaking Mission where I will take upon me the name of Jesus Christ and serve him for a period of 18 months, striving to bring souls closer to Christ. I report to the Provo Missionary Training Center on June 15, 2011 and will return home in December of 2012. While I am away, my lovely sister has taken the task to post on here my weekly e-mails home to the family! Feel free to read them or just glance at any pictures I'll send home! And always remember to be continually seeking for those who are looking for the truth and know not where to find it; our Father has sent me abroad to help gather his sheep in Germany/Austria/Switzerland and you can do so where ever you may live. :)

October 30, 2012

October 29

Well, this last week lots has happened!!! We set a baptismal date with Sandra from Liberia! She is Golden! Since our first visit, she has been so intrigued with the fact that we are in her life and that she is a daughter of God, that she CAN repent and that she should be baptized. She has asked questions about why we are here, what happens after this life, how she can be happy now, how do we repent, can we repent more than once, and how do I get baptized. It was truly a remarkable experience. The only thing is that she lives out in the middle of nowhere and no bus runs through there on Sundays. But she will come to church next week! :) Another really cool story is about Zlata. She is amazing! We met with her last Tuesday she asked us why she was baptized as a baby and we told her we didn't know why people did that, but it was okay that she was, because she didn't know better but that she would have to be baptized again. We asked her to pray about it and committed her to do the "Stop Smoking Program" on Friday and she said she would if she hadn't already quit before then. We went on Friday and she had already quit. She quit Wednesday morning. Gave away all of her cigarettes, and hid her ashtrays. Her brother came over and he kind of made fun of her and said she would last only a few days, but she told him she has quit for good! She then said how she was reading through the The Gospel of Jesus Christ brochure and she had a question about Enduring to the End. She asked us to read it and she then asked, "So the only way that I can be that happy is if I am baptized?" We said, "Yes" She fell silent and I know she felt the spirit because she said, "A part of me wants to get baptized, and a part of me thinks of my family." We talked a little more about her family and what they might think of her baptism. We think she is afraid that they will think that she is leaving a family tradition and abandoning her family in a way. She told us about a church she saw when she went on a walk with her brother, when she was still in Croatia. Her brother told her that these people were always so nice and happy and they were like a big family. She asked if it was OUR church? We didn't know, so we went to the church website and sure enough, it was one of our meeting houses. It was so cool to see that members are just as happy there as they are all around the world! And members' examples penetrate the hearts of MANY even if they just SEE them interact with one another. She is so close to getting baptized! So in summary: Be Careful what you do at all times, you never know who is watching or what conclusion they will come to because of the actions/words you do or say! I hope you all have a wonderful week!! Love ya! Sister Fokken

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